Sarah Pickering, Head of Promotions



January 2016

What advice would you give to composers these days on getting their music placed?  Be very specific on your skillset. Don’t try and be good at everything and keep all examples / showreels short and concise. Too many composers say they can do ‘everything’ and that is off-putting for a producer, do less and do it well. Once you’re in with producers you can expand your repertoire but it’s not the best way to start.

What’s the most significant change you’ve witnessed in the industry since you started out? Quality in production music without a doubt. The standards have risen on many labels to make them at least equal with commercial recordings. Production values have never been so high and a lot of commercial artists are crossing over into both worlds.

What’s the best TV show or film you’ve seen recently? Sicario. The soundtrack was incredible. Unobtrusive when necessary and dramatic when necessary, how all good soundtracks should be.

If there was one thing you could change about your industry, what would it be? I’d like more people / companies to realise that to make money you need to spend money, whether it be risks on acts / musicians etc.

Have you placed anything in the last year that you’re really excited about?  And why? Quite a few Christmas adverts for this year which is always exciting, and a track on the new Seth Rogan Christmas film trailer.

Have you noticed a shift in trends with regards to what type of music is being licensed? The trends change constantly. Some things remain just a ‘trend’ but I’m always surprised by how there are genres that just never go away – everything comes back around eventually and the evergreens will always be utilised. If the production value is high and the musicians are talented, it will always be in vogue.

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