The Music+Sound Awards are the world’s first and only global awards programme to recognise and celebrate the indispensable role and outstanding contribution that both music and sound design play in the media.

We're here to champion the talents and skills of composers, sound designers, music supervisors and sync teams, creating a platform upon which they can stand, and for a brief moment each year, be truly recognised for what they have achieved.

Aimed at professionals, worldwide, working in advertising, film and television (branding and programming), the awards are open to anyone who is or has been involved in the creation, composition, sourcing, licensing, briefing and / or production of music or sound design for any media.

We are currently running as an online competition with no physical awards night.  Winners are announced via our Twitter feed at the beginning of July and via the press thereafter.  With entrants from across the globe, we appreciate that it’s challenging for many to attend a ceremony in London so see that at this point it’s a better use of resources to forsake an event and focus on further building our value and reach.  

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"Music and sound have never played such a vital role, not just in communications but also in culture. As a result, The Music+Sound Awards have grown into a truly important event in the creative calendar. The Music+Sound Awards are about rewarding the talent that really understand this very special discipline."

— Nils Leonard, Chairman and CCO, Grey London